In the caring profession

The Association for Infants and Mothers of Baltimore provides loving support to postpartum women and their families, offering services – both physical and emotional – to care for mothers in a most exciting yet vulnerable period of their lives.  

Our Mission

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a precious time that comes with a unique set of challenges for every member of the family. At AIM, we ease these joyful challenges with assistance designed to envelop the household with peace and wellbeing, allowing the new mother to regain her strength while pampering her and her family and minimizing the disruption to daily life.

Newborn baby and mother hand

AIM began quietly and humbly, providing meals, cleaning help, and lunch to a small group of new mothers on a shoestring budget. Since our inception in August of 2022, AIM has expanded dramatically, providing to over 500 postpartum mothers and their families:

25,000+ Meals

5,400+ Hours of Cleaning Help

Countless hours of hands-on volunteer assistance

Supporting families throughout the Baltimore Jewish community